Exophysics, noun:
1. The study of physics in other universes [citation needed]
2. An amazingly simple WebGL2 particle simulator, in a single, self-contained HTML file

Isn't it strange how hard humans try to understand the physics of the boring universe they just randomly happened to be born in, when it's much more fun to create a universe of your own?

The two images above are links to self-contained universe simulations which you can simply download (via right click, "Save Link As..."), open up in a text editor, and change however you desire. More universes here.

The simulations are written in a WebGL2 shader, with a backbone in HTML + JavaScript. But you don't need any programming experience, and I encourage you to just open the file and play around :) Here's an architecture diagram, along with some pointers:

  1. You may want to start with the most recent version from GitHub
  2. Check out the Exophysics Field Manual and Exochemistry Cookbook
  3. WebGL2 Fundamentals is an excellent tutorial for further reading

If you discover an interesting universe on your adventures, the author would be thrilled to see it! Simply send your HTML file via email to hut໑hut.pm :)